World 1-2

World 1-2 is a music project directed by Mohammed Taher, founder of Koopa Soundworks. A fan of video games and their music, Mohammed saw two separate communities of musicians: composers that work for game companies, and independent remixers. Inspired by both groups, Mohammed directed a project that would unite them. Part original composition, part remix, World 1-2 is a twenty track album that pays tribute to the remarkable history of Video Game Music.

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Joshua Morse | Ridge Racer Arrange

Joshua Morse is a composer and remixer, with projects ranging from robust game soundtracks to expansive remix projects with Overclocked Remix.

His first release with GameChops is Ridge Racer Arrange 2013, fusing chiptune and jazz together in this progressive remix EP based on Namco’s Ridge Racer series. The album is a collaborative effort, featuring a song from halc, and instrumentation played by Anthony Lofton, Joshua Morse and Anthony Morgan.

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bLiNd | NESteryears

bLiNd joins the GameChops roster with this album of TEN video game remixes from the Nintendo Entertainment System; Final Fantasy, Mario Bros, Castlevania and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few. NESteryears is a tribute to the games of old with bLiNd’s time-honed production skills, utilizing trance, dubstep, and electro influences to craft this artist’s first full-length remix album to date.

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Mykah | Kirby’s Bassface

Kirby’s Bassface is a five track EP exploring music from the Kirby series in Mykah’s high energy, drum and bass style. Source material stems from the earlier games, themes from Kirby’s Dreamland for NES and Kirby’s Super Star for SNES make up the album. Originally composed by Jun Ishikawa for Nintendo, Mykah has made these tunes all his own.

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Rokko Chan – Extended Play

Rokko Chan: Extended Play is a collection of exclusive mixes from the Rokko Chan Soundtracks, a fan-made Megaman style Flash game and music project to benefit the recover efforts put forth by Peace Winds Japan. Organized by the staff of video game news source Nubuwo, Rokko Chan: Extended Play is a offered as a free download to fans of the game or the talented artists included herein. Featuring remixes by Dj CUTMAN, Spamtron, Rockman, FantomenK and more, this album is a unique collaborative effort that benefits a good cause. Download the album and Play the game for free.

Download Rokko Chan: Extended Play on Bandcamp