GameChops is home to a group of producers, DJs, and musicians creating music from the games they love. Looking for the music? Visit the Albums page.


The Video Game DJ

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Dj CUTMAN is a pioneer performer of Chiptune and Video Game Music. Mixing world-class Chiptune composers into epic, dancable sets infused with dubstep, hip-hop, funk and soul, CUTMAN brings years of experience as an audio engineer into the DJ world with tight mixing and meticulous arrangement. Sampling sounds and melodies from classic video games, Dj CUTMAN creates a nostalgic and exciting musical experience that’s unlike any other.




8-Bit Bass and Future Grime

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A humanoid Robot from a world beyond your monitor, GRIMECRAFT spawned into this world to destroy dance floors with furious video game beats. Inhabiting the body of game developer Clarke Nordhauser and armed with legendary instruments of MIDI destruction rescued from the depths of the Harmonix basement, GRIMECRAFT has joined forces with Gamechops to achieve global domination via melodic audio adventures.


James Landino

Composer / Remixer

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James Landino is a composer, sound designer, and video game remixer best known for his work with video game developers Harmonix (the makers of Rock Band). James is also a touring DJ, playing conventions and clubs across the United States.




Disco House

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RobKTA is an musician and producer from Porto Torres, Italy with a deep appreciation of classic house and disco music. Taking influence from Daft Punk and other house legends, Rob has crafted his signature sound. His debut release with GameChops is Club Needlemouse, a tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog.



Benjamin Briggs

Game Remixer

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Benjamin Briggs has been programming electronic music since the age of 14. Now, ten years later, he is a veteran contributor to, as well as an experienced multi-genre producer with a deep interest in electronic dance music and live performance.





Live Musician

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Pixel8ter is a child of the 8-bit generation. Growing up with an NES and spending his time in arcades, he soaked up the sights and sounds of the world of videogames. After learning to manipulate a keyboard, he began making electronic music and exploring every sub-genre imaginable. Once he found the chiptune scene, he knew he was home. Music filled with low-bit sounds and classic hardware like Gameboys brought him right back to his childhood. Combining this influence with styles such as dubstep, electro-house, and drum and bass, he takes music to a new level of intensity. With a sound full of heavy rhythms and deep bass, Pixel8ter makes music that makes you move and a live show that is dynamic and energetic.



Chillout Producer

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Just who is the Doni character, precisely?
Doni is a Canadian producer whose music traverses genre lines. Influenced by electro, dubstep and chillout, Doni’s sound continues to evolve with each new production.





UK Drum ‘n Bass & Electro House

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Mykah is a London based electronic dance music producer and DJ. Producing drum & bass, dubstep, house, moombahton, and more, Mykah’s a strength is a versatility and creativity that has transformed the peaceful soundtracks of The Legend of Zelda and Kirby into all-out bangers.




VGM Pioneer | Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

With over a decade of remixes under his belt, bLiNd gained notoriety through free remix website Overclocked Remix (, producing over 25 freely downloadable game music remixes in varying electron genres, including electro, dubstep, house and trance. bLiNd has brought his first full-length game music album, NESteryears, to the GameChops catalog.




Dubstep / Complextro Producer

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Joseph Feliciano (known as dj-Jo) is an EDM producer who’s been writing and remixing music since 2009. Over the years, dj-Jo has been improving and evolving his music with help of the Newgrounds audio community to shape his style and technique of composing. dj-Jo strives to bring out something different and new with everything he releases.



Joshua Morse

Composer and Jazz Musician

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Joshua Morse is a jazz musician and software engineer who makes his mark by fusing genres. A particular interest in encorporating Chiptune production elements into classical jazz arrangements give him his unique sound. He’s an acomplished musician with over 30 remixes and five original albums.



Kevin Villecco

Main-Room Trap

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Polymath producer Kevin Villecco has made a name for himself in both audio and visual production. Through his photography, graphic design, and music productions, Kevin is a valuable producer in a true sense of the word. His association with Trap N Bass has lead to him to produce high-profile remixes and original tracks.




Mega Flare


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Mega Flare is a chiptune musician and electronic music producer. His weapon of choice is a Nintendo Gameboy running the homebrew software LSDj, a robust four track sequencer that pushes the power of the DMG-001’s soundchip to the absolute max. His debut release with GameChops is Maverick, a “de-make” of the 16-bit Mega Man X soundtracks into brilliant gameboy chiptunes.