Funk Fiction – Loop 6

A Shenmue II Remix

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Funk Fiction – Loop 6

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Breathing new life into the old school, Funk Fiction brings nostalgia driven production to this modest yet infectious track, Loop 6. Inspired by Shenmue and created using vintage gear and studio equipment, Funk Fiction produced without the use of VSTs or software plug-ins. Loop 6 has a distinct sound of the late 80s/early 90s lounge music. Loop 6 is an RnB infused track blends Nu Disco production with Vaporwave aesthetics, with catchy melodies and a rich LoFi sound you might have heard on cassette.

Produced by Funk Fiction
Mastered by Dj CUTMAN
Album Art by Andy Tunstall
Graphic Design by Cindy LaBreacht & Chris Davidson

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