Hopes & Dreams

an Undertale remix album

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Hopes & Dreams

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Hopes & Dreams is a remix album dedicated to Undertale by Arcien, a music producer from Denmark. It’s the second Undertale remix album we’ve released, and acts as companion to Holder’s Undertale Remixed. While Holder focused largely on character themes, Hopes & Dreams sets out to adapt the setting and story of Undertale in a musical form.

From the future house intro, “Once Upon a Time,” to the 80’s synthwave “Thunder Snails,” to the dark, drum and bass boss battle “Your Best Nightmare,” Arcien hits all the major plot points of the Undertale story. Thoughtful transitions make the album a joy to listen to, front to back.

Hopes & Dreams launched with an animated music video for Your Best Nightmare, edited by Cutman Plays.

01 Mount Ebott
02 Once Upon a Time
03 Heartache
04 Enemy Approaching
05 Thunder Snails
06 Spear of Justice
07 Asgore
08 You Idiot
09 Your Best Nightmare
10 Hopes and Dreams
11 Reunited
12 Good Night

Produced by Arcien
Mastered and Album Design by Dj CUTMAN
Licensed for Toby Fox
Artwork by LittleLinnemann

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