Disco house wizard RobKTA brings us a unique and exciting EP made entirely on his Nintendo Switch! SwitchTunes is a chiptune-style concept album made with Korg Gadget software. It’s like the soundtrack to a fantasy arcade game of years gone by!

Composed and produced by RobKTA and mastered by Dj Cutman, SwitchTunes has a sound all it’s own! Fun progressive arrangements that would sound at home in an 80s or 90s arcade or a retro style indie game.

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Spindash 3

Spindash 3 is here ~ Twenty new Sonic the Hedgehog remixes, covers, and themes from throughout Sonic’s amazing series! An international cast of remixers and musicians makes Spindash 3 our largest remix album yet. The diverse collection of styles and genres are sure to have something for every Sonic fan. Enjoy Spindash 3! Grab a copy here!

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Big Blue – Bass Fox

Bass Fox returns to GameChops with an epic drum and bass / happy hardcore / hard dance remix of Big Blue from F-Zero! We’re hype for Smash Ultimate, but we’re also holding out for a new F-Zero! If you like this track, add it to your playlists!

Zelda & Chill

Zelda & Chill combines the Legend of Zelda video game music with laid-back lofi hip hop beats. Produced by German beat-maker Mikel and mastered by Philadelphia based Dj CUTMAN, Zelda & Chill features 14 Zelda themes from the across the series history.

Zelda & Chill contains music from the original Legend of Zelda for NES all the way up to Breath of the Wild. These tracks were recreated with classic keyboard sounds, atmospheric synths and laid back beats, the perfect soundtrack to study, chill, and save Hyrule to.

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Splatunes 2

We’re pleased to announce Splatunes 2! This is a free compilation of remixes of Nintendo’s amazing Splatoon series. Included are tracks from Splatoons 2, the Octo Expansion, and the original Splatoon game. The features 20 Splatoon remixes, from new material to exclusive remasters from producers like CG5, RobKTA, Tokyo Elvis, Ralfington and yours truly. If you’re a squid or a kid (or an octoling) Splatunes 2 will be full of tracks you can enjoy and download for free!

All songs clear for streaming on Twitch, just give credit to GameChops or show the title on-screen.

Splatunes 2 is available worldwide on Bandcamp.

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