Powerglove – The Remixes

An album of winning tracks from the Powerglove Remix Contest

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Powerglove – The Remixes



Powerglove: THE REMIXES is a collection of the six best remixes based on Dj CUTMAN’s track Powerglove (It’s So Bad) featuring Benjamin Briggs. Art by Grimecraft.

The six tracks contained within this EP are the winners from the official Powerglove Remix Contest. Stems are still available if you’d like to try your hand at remixing the original track. Check out this post for remix stems.

1. Powerglove (Direktor Dubstep Remix) 05:48
2. Powerglove (Shane Mesa ElectroHouse Remix) 03:09
3. Powerglove (Superspink ElectroChip Remix) 03:20
4. Powerglove (Kubbi Chiptune Remix) 02:30
5. Powerglove (HVK Electro Remix) 04:46
6. Powerglove (Decktonic Dub Remix) 03:30

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