Remix Default

A tribute to the character themes from Bravely Default by Dj CUTMAN and Ralfington

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Remix Default


Remix Default is a collaboration between New Jersey musician Ralfington and Philadelphia DJ / producer Dj CUTMAN. Remix Default re-creates the theme music of each of the four main characters from the Bravely Default soundtrack, originally composed by Revo.

Remix Default is a fusion of retro-sounding Chiptunes and futuristic EDM. Ralfington transcribed the songs onto his 3DS using Korg’s DS10 software. Dj CUTMAN mixed and mastered the songs using the popular audio production software Ableton Live.

1. Beneath a Hollow Moon (Agnès) 02:52
2. You Are My Hope (Tiz) 03:12
3. Love’s Vagrant (Ringabel) 03:23
4. Baby Bird (Edea) 02:51

Album Credits
Artwork by Tron Bonne
Produced by Ralfington & Dj CUTMAN
Mastered by Chris Davidson
Based on the original soundtrack to Bravely Default, originally composed by Revo.
Licensing by

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