Shovel Knight: Strike The Earth Remix!

Dj CUTMAN and Kevin Villecco create a future-bass anthem for shovelin'

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Shovel Knight: Strike The Earth Remix!


Dj CUTMAN here, and I love Shovel Knight! This track just dropped on the GameChops youtube channel. It’s a futuristic trap and drum and bass track that Kevin Villecco and I made out of the Shovel Knight OST. This track started at TooManyGames in the convention hotel room as a simple beat. As I played Shovel Knight, I got more and more amped for this remix, and it grew to epic proportions!”

Check out the remix below, and download on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Remix Credits
Produced and mixed by Dj CUTMAN
Additional production by Kevin Villecco
“Strike The Earth” originally composed by Jake “virt” Kaufman for the Shovel Knight OST
“Dj CUT KNIGHT” Pixel Artwork by Squarepainter
Design by Chris Davidson

Video Credits
Shovel Knight gameplay footage footage from Swimming Bird
Additional assets provided by the Yacht Club Games
Edited by Chris Davidson

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