Doni – The Streets (of Rage)

A Streets of Rage Remix Album byDoni

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Doni – The Streets (of Rage)

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Chill-out music producer Doni returns to GameChops with “The Streets”, a six track Streets of Rage remix EP, featuring remixes of the game music by composer and DJ, Yuzo Koshiro!

1. Go Straight – 3:14 – 110 BPM
2. Dreamer – 4:20 – 120 BPM
3. Wave 131 – 3:19 – 110 BPM
4. Slow Moon – 4:14 – 95 BPM
5. Alien Power – 4:14 – 95 BPM
6. RobKTA Remix – 4:19 – 125 BPM

Produced by Doni
Mastered byDj CUTMAN

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