Triple Triad: Booster Pack

Eight new tracks building off my Mykah's Final Fantasy album.

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Triple Triad: Booster Pack


Triple Triad: Booster Pack is a collection of eight new remixes and DJ edits from Final Fantasy VI, VII and VIII produced by Dj CUTMAN, Mykah, Absrdst, Grimecraft and Anigif. Inspired by Mykah’s Triple Triad, styles range from Instrumental Hiphop to Drum n’ bass, trap to juke, covering a broad range of genres from this group of talented producers.

Booster Pack is available on, a platform that allows us to easily pay license fees to Square-Enix, the original publisher of this music. Loudr has an awesome “bundle” feature, offering discounts on other great GameChops music.

1. Kevin Villecco – Kefka ( Final Fantasy VI Remix) 03:36
2. Grimecraft ft. Anigif – Victory Fanfare ( Final Fantasy Remix ) 02:53
3. Dj CUTMAN – Celes ( Final Fantasy VI Remix) 02:48
4. Mykah – Prelude ( Drum n Bass VIP Mix ) 03:02
5. ABSRDST – Awakening ( Final Fantasy VIII Remix ) 04:22
6. Grimecraft – J.E.N.O.V.A. ( Final Fantasy VII Remix ) 03:37
7. Mykah – Awakening ( Up All Night Mix ) 03:08
8. Mykah – The Man With The Machine Gun ( Chiptune Remix ) 04:41

Album Credits
Mastered by Chris Davidson

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