New Donk City – Nelward

Nelward is a funky boye, blending styles and influences to create a sound all his own. His jazz training comes through in this remix of Super Mario Odyssey’s New Donk City, done in the style of Bob-omb Battlefield from Mario 64. It harkens back to the era of Super Mario World, with clever references and nods throughout his arrangement. Silly synthwork and vocals cover the track like Super Moons, with slick licks and vocals as the cherry on top.

Undertale Remix Medley – Voia

An epic Undertale Remix Medley by Voia, featuring the Undertale soundtrack songs in uplifting EDM. Undertale (Main Theme), His Theme, Temmie Village and Finale remixed into one song! The drop features a mash-up of Asgore, Spider Dance, and Core! See if you can pick them all out!

Guile’s Theme – DeFalco

Welcome, DeFalco to GameChops! This his unique remix of Guile’s theme, a chilled out future bass meets lofi hip hop styled track. Rumor has it Dj CUTMAN heard this track on Soundcloud and signed DeFalco on the spot! Support these release with a download or by adding it to your playlists.