In the darkest depths of Planet Zebes lurks a fearsome monster…
Tune in With Chewie’s second Samus & Chill single arrives: “Ridley”, a lofi hip-hop take on the nefarious space pirate’s theme!

“Ridley” marks the second single from Tune In With Chewie’s upcoming Metroid tribute album, “Samus & Chill”. Composed by Kenji Yamamoto, this theme appears throughout the Metroid series, making its debut in Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Chewie carefully transforms this ominous, 5/4-signature theme into a chilled out beat, with rumbling basslines and spacey atmospheres.

Lower Brinstar

“Lower Brinstar” from Metroid gets a lofi hip-hop reimagining with chilled piano and smooth grooves. 🪐 This is the first single on our forthcoming album, “Samus & Chill”

Tune in With Chewie – real name Nestor Estrada – is a composer and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Though the music of the Metroid series is known for its otherworldly and haunting melodies, Chewie takes on a decidedly more relaxed and uplifting approach to Super Metroid’s “Lower Brinstar”. Featuring vintage-styled synths, soft pianos, and a chillhop beat – this is the perfect soundtrack, whether you’re exploring alien worlds or just chilling out on a rainy day.

Chewie’s full album, Samus & Chill, releases on October 1st!

Green Greens

From the musical genius of Tee Lopes comes “Green Greens”!  Pairing rippling piano with warm jazz flavors, it’s the beloved music of Kirby like you’ve never heard it before. 🌟