Dedede’s Theme

“Dedede’s Theme” from Kirby is the first track from the forthcoming album Smash & Chill, produced by Tudd with guitars by General Offensive. A theme sourced from Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai’s other classic franchise, Kirby, “Dedede’s Theme” grooves along with warm synths and basslines with a jazzy edge.

Snorlax Sleepover

Snore Lax is a lofi duo of producer Kevin Villecco (of Hyper Potions) and guitarist Matt Hope. The laid-back RnB meets study beats style of Snore Lax is unmistakable, with snappy drums and clean guitar lines over rumbling basslines and reverb. Perfect for focus, gaming, studying, or just vibing.

Zelda & Piano

Zelda & Piano is a delicate tribute to The Legend of Zelda that’s perfect for relaxing, sleeping, or focusing. This is the debut album from our new label, Unplugged, which focuses on classical, acoustic, and jazz music. Zelda & Piano pairs top-tier musicianship with classic themes from the beloved Legend of Zelda franchise from Nintendo.