Joshua Morse | VLAD

VLAD is a 4-track EP, blending the sounds of EDM, Chiptunes, Jazz, and vampires to pay tribute to the Castlevania series. Castlevania was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80’s. The energetic themes contained in the original games have been referenced throughout the series for over 25 years. VLAD is an artistic reimagination that Castlevania fans will immediately recognize.

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Joshua Morse | Ridge Racer Arrange

Joshua Morse is a composer and remixer, with projects ranging from robust game soundtracks to expansive remix projects with Overclocked Remix.

His first release with GameChops is Ridge Racer Arrange 2013, fusing chiptune and jazz together in this progressive remix EP based on Namco’s Ridge Racer series. The album is a collaborative effort, featuring a song from halc, and instrumentation played by Anthony Lofton, Joshua Morse and Anthony Morgan.

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VLAD II is a sequel to the the #1 Best-Selling Castlevania remix album by Joshua Morse, which hit #1 All-Genres on Bandcamp in October 2013. Two years later, Morse raises the bar with four high-impact EDM tracks, fusing chiptune and jazz with the dark soundscape of the classic Konami video game series, Castlevania. Tracks 3 and 4 feature guitarist Danimal Cannon, best known for his work with Metroid Metal and Armcannon.

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Spindash 3

Spindash 3 is here ~ Twenty new Sonic the Hedgehog remixes, covers, and themes from throughout Sonic’s amazing series! An international cast of remixers and musicians makes Spindash 3 our largest remix album yet. The diverse collection of styles and genres are sure to have something for every Sonic fan. Enjoy Spindash 3! Grab a copy here!

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Smooth McGroove Remixed 2

After a long wait, Fourteen producers collaborated to release a brand new volume of Smooth McGroove remixes!

Smooth McGroove Remixed 2 is the 14 track licensed remix follow-up to Smooth McGroove Remixed, featuring the vocals of Smooth McGroove. The album features remixes of songs from Undertale, Castlevania, Pokemon Red and Blue, Mega Man 2 and more.

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Spindash is a re-imagination of Sonic the Hedgehog’s most beloved music.

Produced by Dj CUTMAN, Spindash features 16 video game remixers spanning diverse styles of dance music, includng future bass, dnb, house, trance and even dubstep.

Old school fans will recognize themes from Genesis-era favorites like Chemical Plant and Ice Cap Zone. The album also features music from more recent Sonic games, including Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Colors.

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