Beneath The Mask – Coffee Date

Welcome back the lofi duo Coffee Date for their chill take on Persona 5! 

Coffee Date is the melodic chillout collab from husband and wife duo Kevin Villecco; 1/2 of Hyper Potions (Monstercat, Sega) and Evelyn Villecco, a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter also known as QORA.

September Singles

One for Kapp’n – An Animal Crossing remix by Grimecraft and Maxo.

Cerulean Dancefloor is a Pokémon Red / Blue remix, originally produced by RobKTA now features a remastered version by Dj CUTMAN and a trap remix from Kevin Villecco.

Start your engines and get ready for Mykah’s Turbo Charged Remix of RushRushRush by RoBKTA & Pixel8ter. Originally featured on RoBKTA’s album Outrax earlier this year, this is Mykah’s psychedelic bass rework.

Shovel Knight: Strike The Earth Remix!

Dj CUTMAN here, and I love Shovel Knight! This track is a futuristic trap and drum and bass track that Kevin Villecco and I made out of the Shovel Knight OST. This track started at TooManyGames in the convention hotel room as a simple beat. As I played Shovel Knight, I got more and more amped for this remix, and it grew to epic proportions!

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Grimecraft | POKÉP

Grimecraft teams up with GameChops to deliver the most bass-tastic Pokémon remix collection that ever was. Originally planned as a solo EP by Grimecraft, once the other video game remixers got wind of POKEP, the album turned into a full-blown VGM mixtape. Featured artists include Dj CUTMAN, James Landino, ABSRDST and Kevin Villecco in collabs, remixes, and original productions Pokemon music.

Download from Bandcamp


GameChops will be at MAGfest from January 23rd to 26th, 2015. The GameChops crew will be in the Marketplace each day of MAGFest, and we will be hosting the Video Game DJ Battle on Saturday Night. – – Marketplace Offerings – – We’ll have a plethora of great items this year, all in […]