“Hip Shop” is the theme of the titular shop featured in Toby Fox’s DELTARUNE, and like the rest of the soundtrack, is pure gold. Coffee Date and Curly’s take features warm sax lines, piano, and strings with a worn-out, nostalgic flair.

Coffee Date, based in Los Angeles, and Curly, based in the UK, met in 2016 while playing video games online with mutual friends. This is their first time collaborating with each other since 2018!

Coffee Date and Curly are no newcomers to the GameChops roster, both being prolific artists with full-length albums under their belts. Coffee Date has released two EPs, “Coffee Date” and “Coffee Break” and Curly released a full-length Animal Crossing album “Nook & Chill” Support Coffee Date and GameChops by streaming this song, saving it to your library and adding to playlists. ▸ https://smarturl.it/CurlyDate

Produced by Coffee Date
Mastered by Dj CUTMAN
Artwork by Evelyn Rose

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