It’s time to hit up the gas and go for a musical adventure!  RobKTA decides to pay homage to the game series that most inspired him to get into VGM remixing, Ridge Racer. If you’ve followed Rob’s career from the beginning, you’ll see how many Ridge Racer tracks he produced over the years.

Rob writes: “I think the time has come to pay the proper tribute to this series, picking some of my ever favorite tracks and putting my own spin on them, house, electronica, experimental flavorings – all to pay tribute to a series of racing games that was special to me. This EP is dedicated to all Ridge Racers worldwide that keeps the arcade racing spirit alive!”

Ridge Racer Forever is now available on iTunes and other stores.

Produced by Roberto Bazzoni
Cover Art by AfterLaughts 
Mastered by Dj CUTMAN

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