Snore Lax is a lofi duo of producer Kevin Villecco (of Hyper Potions) and guitarist Matt Hope. The laid-back RnB meets study beats style of Snore Lax is unmistakable, with snappy drums and clean guitar lines over rumbling basslines and reverb. Perfect for focus, gaming, studying, or just vibing.

Snorlax Sleepover is the debut album from Snore Lax and features 8 videogame lofi selections.

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Kirby’s Dreamland composed by Hirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa
Mario Kart Rainbow Road (Mario Kart Wii) composed by Asuka Ohta, Ryo Nagamatsu
Halo (Main Theme) composed by Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori
Enemy (Arcane) originally by Imagine Dragons
Pokemon Unite (Main Theme) composed by John Siegler, Norman Grossfield, Tamara Loeffler
Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine) composed by Koji Kondo
Time Trials (Sonic Mania) originally by Hyper Potions
Piranha Plant’s Lullaby (Super Mario Galaxy) composed by Koji Kondo

Produced by Snore Lax
Mastered by Dj Cutman
Artwork by Tron Bonne