Hopping back into action, Pete Frogs’ “TAKE ON ME” is a special SEGA spin on the a-ha hit! Pete blends the tune’s timeless melodies with spunky, crunchy synths true to the SEGA Genesis.

Pete Frogs is a bassist and composer based in France. Known for his 2022 multi-genre album Frogged and Loaded, Pete is back with a series of SEGA-styled covers. While a-ha’s classic “Take On Me” has enjoyed a resurgence due to its appearance in the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Pete Frogs reimagines the song in a style more akin to the plumber’s iconic blue rival. Using sounds true to the 1988 console, “Take On Me” captures the high-energy, supersonic sensation of the SEGA Genesis. Pete’s full-length album GENESIS JAMS releases on May 19th, 2023! 

“Take On Me” is out now on all online stores and streaming platforms! Support Pete Frogs and GameChops by streaming, saving, and adding the track to your playlists.

Produced and Mastered by Pete Frogs
Artwork by Camille Gicquel
Originally by A-Ha

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