World 1-2 is an album that features renowned game composers alongside the remixers that pay them tribute. It features original music by grammy-nominated Austin Wintory (Journey), Manami Matsumae (MegaMan), and celebrated remixers Stemage and Danimal Cannon (Metroid Metal), among many more.

World 1-2 is a music project directed by Mohammed Taher, founder of Brave Wave (formerly Koopa Soundworks). A fan of video games and their music, Mohammed saw two separate communities of musicians: composers that work for game companies, and independent remixers. Inspired by both groups, Mohammed directed a project that would unite them.

Part original composition, part remix, World 1-2 is a twenty track album that pays tribute to the remarkable history of Video Game Music.

1. Andi Bissig – Waldfest 02:16
2. Manami Matsumae – One Shot, One Kill 02:52
3. ABSRDST – The Cold Ruins of a Once Great City (Metroid Prime) 05:53
4. Chipzel – Tokyo Skies 03:54
5. Agent Whiskers – Resurgence of Hope 03:56
6. Benjamin Briggs – Driving Upwards 05:16
7. Marius Masalar – Maybe a Time of Miracles (Sword & Sworcey) 06:14
8. Eirik Suhrke – Corrosion Jam (Spelunky) 02:40
9. Keiji Yamagishi – Memories of T 02:18
10. Danimal Cannon – Legacy feat. Zef 05:15
11. halc – Blooper Reeling (Super Mario World) 03:17
12. Akira Yamaoka – Rose Cat 05:13
13. Jessica Curry – Twenty One (Dear Esther) 02:51
14. Austin Wintory – Circles feat. Tina Guo 03:30
15. Stemage – Mosaic feat. Cory Johnson (Tetris) 05:19
16. Benjamin Briggs – Trolls! (Trolls) 04:38
17. halc – Dubsection (Final Fantasy Tactics) 03:23
18. Module – The Night Fighter (Street Fighter 2) 03:23
19. Eiko Ishiwata Nichols – Miasma Rising 04:42
20. Video Game Orchestra – Victory (Captain Tsubasa 2) 07:29

Album Credits
Director, Executive Producer: Mohammed Taher (Koopa Soundworks)
Producer: Chris Davidson
Mastering Engineer: Dan Suter (echochamber.ch)
Additional Mixing Engineer: Marco Guardia

Video Game Orchestra credits:
Producer & Arranger: Shota Nakama
Engineer & Manipulator: Falk Au Yeong
Guitar: Shota Nakama
Bass: Falk Au Yeong
Keyboard & Synth: Livan
Drums: Fay
Violin: Mu-Ying “Adina” Tsai
Viola: Ting-Ru Lai

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