Zelda & Chill (Complete)

Zelda & Chill (Complete) features every lofi / chill-out video game remix album we have released, including the “& Chill” series and spin-offs like “Ocarina of Vibes”. The playlist is currently a Spotify exclusive. Zelda & Chill Complete on Spotify

Celebrating 11 years of GameChops!

Today marks the 11th anniversary of GameChops! From our earliest beats and chiptune singles, to our newest lofi albums, our mission has remained the same: to spread the love of videogame music. Thank you for your continued support — it’s because of you that we’re able to keep doing what […]


GameChops artists have put out a number of free and licensed Undertale Remixes! Below is a YouTube playlist where you can hear them all.

You can use the YouTube Cards  in upper right corner of the video to download the tracks on iTunes, Google Play, and other stores.  You can also stream these Undertale Remixes on Spotify.