GameChops is the original video game record label, benefiting musicians, composers, and the game industry.

Since 2011, GameChops has been releasing high quality remixes of video game music. Licensed as cover songs and released creative commons, GameChops music has become the go-to soundtrack for gamers, streamers, and content creators across the globe.

Stream GameChops Music

Live Streaming Radio

GameChops runs a 24/7 music and video stream on youtube called Video Game Study Lounge. It’s good for productivity, and also safe for streaming. We’ve also got a playlist version on Spotify.

How GameChops Works

When you buy or stream our songs, the money gets automatically split up by our music distributors. A portion goes to the owner of the composition, which could be a game company or composer. The rest is divided between the artist(s) who produced the song, and the label. Artists are paid out monthly by Soundrop or DistroKid.

GameChops is a listener funded record label.

Our listeners provide funding for our services like mastering, artwork, licensing, and promotion by buying and streaming our music. GameChops artists don’t have to worry about aggressive contracts, recoupable expenses, or payment minimums.

If you’re looking for the best way to support GameChops, we recommend streaming on Spotify, buying a digital download on platforms like Amazon, subscribing on YouTube, or following us on social media.

Creative Commons

All GameChops remix albums and singles are sold with a Creative Commons license, allowing you to use our remixes in your streams, videos, podcasts, and projects. Buy or Save a GameChops album on iTunes or other online music store, and the music is free to use with credit to the remixer and a link back to us.

GameChops music is not available for advertising or synchronization purposes. Questions? Contact Us.

Track Submission

GameChops is booked for 2020.
We except to be accepting new artists early 2021

Credits & Copyright

All albums that display the GameChops artist tag or logo and are available for purchase on Apple Music or other online music stores have acquired mechanical license for any existing composition used in the song.

GameChops music includes a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to use any music you purchase in YouTube videos, streaming, podcasts, films or other projects as long as the artist is properly credited and a link is provided back to GameChops. You are not permitted to sell or host GameChops music files for download.

If you remix a GameChops track, let us know on Twitter. If you want to sample a GameChops song to use in your own music, contact us.