GameChops is a record label for video game music.

GameChops was the world’s first record label dedicated to video game remixes and cover songs.

We license the video game compositions used in our music, and release our tunes creative commons. You can stream and download GameChops music them on music platforms like these, or support us directly on Bandcamp.

Live Streaming Radio

GameChops runs a 24/7 music and video stream on youtube called Video Game Study Lounge. It’s good for productivity, and also safe for streaming. We’ve also got a playlist version on Spotify.

How GameChops Works

When you buy or stream our songs, the money gets automatically split up by our music distributors. This frees our artists from having to worry about payments and frees our staff to focus on producing great music.

GameChops is a listener funded record label.

We take no outside investment.
GameChops artists are paid out monthly by our partners at Soundrop and DistroKid.

GameChops artists don’t have to worry about aggressive contracts or endless recoupable expenses. It’s our goal to have our musicians earning money within 90 days of a release.

By providing for our our artists, we create better music.

If you’d like to support GameChops, we recommend streaming on Spotify, buying an album on Bandcamp or Amazon, or follow us on socials:

Creative Commons

All GameChops remix albums and singles are sold with a Creative Commons license, allowing you to use our remixes in your streams, videos, podcasts, and projects. Our music is free to use with credit to the musician and a link back to this website, or the album you used.

GameChops music is not available for advertising or synchronization (including use in video games.) Exceptions for non-profit, news media, and educational purposes. Questions? Contact Us.

Track Submission

GameChops is not currently accepting submissions

Credits & Copyright

All albums that display the GameChops artist tag or logo and are available on Spotify, Apple Music, or other outlets have acquired a mechanical license for any existing composition used in the song. These songs will feature GameChops as an artist or show GameChops in the copyright info.

GameChops music includes a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to use our music in YouTube videos, streaming, podcasts, films or other projects as long as the musician is credited and a link is provided back to GameChops. You may not sell or host GameChops music files for download.

If you remix or sample a GameChops track, you may release it for free. If you want to sample a GameChops song to use in a for-profit production, contact us.