Bomberman Redial

Bomberman gets the lofi treatment in the latest from Snore Lax! The Philadelphia-based guitarist dials in the downtempo vibes with spacey ambiance and slick lofi hip-hop percussion in “Redial” from Bomberman Hero.

Pallet Town

Reminisce on adventures in the world of Pokémon with “Pallet Town”! Super Lofi 64 gives a heartwarming performance with gentle piano and nostalgia-tinged beats in their take on the theme from Pokémon Red & Blue.

Song of Storms

Kick back with acoustic rainy day vibes in “Song of Storms”! Coffee Date gives a fresh Latin jazz touch to her lofi reimagining of the classic tune from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Fight On!

“Fight On!” from Final Fantasy 7 by Pete Frogs is the iconic battle theme thrust in a Sega Gensis style! Keep your eye out for GENESIS JAMS 2 this summer! To get ready, have a listen to Pete’s first Genesis Jams!

Gold Saucer

Take a trip to Final Fantasy 7‘s Gold Saucer in the first single from Chocobo & Chill II! With chirpy synths and a playful boom-bap beat, Rifti creates an atmosphere of lofi amusements and lighthearted vibes!

K.K. Bossa

Coast along and take it easy with “K.K. Bossa” by Super Lofi 64! The duo pairs K.K. Slider’s bossa nova tune with classy piano and low-key beats in their first Animal Crossing remix.

Bad Batch

Embark on a chilled-out trip through wavy lofi soundscapes in “Bad Batch”. Celebrating the premiere of the Star Wars animated spinoff’s final season, Helynt grooves through the theme with spacey synths and guitar.