Wii Shop

A fusion of jazz, lofi beats, and classic Nintendo flavor comes to life in “Wii Shop”! In the newest single from her album Wii Chill, Coffee Date offers up smooth and sunny chillhop grooves. Coffee Date, known best for her albums Stardew & Chill and Hyrule Café, is the project […]

Get Down On It

Kool & the Gang gets a Super Nintendo twist by Button Masher and Dj Cutman in “Get Down on It”! Inspired by the viral version of the funk classic, the duo channels fast-paced action and authentic sound that calls back to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time.

Rosalina in the Observatory

Explore a galaxy of nostalgia and emotion with “Rosalina in the Observatory”! Coffee Date pays tribute to the Super Mario Galaxy theme with twinkling piano and shimmering strings in a whimsical lofi waltz.

Memories of Green

The timeless music of Chrono Trigger crosses over into deep house in “Memories of Green.” Remixed by VGM icon Mustin, this track adapts Yasunori Mitsuda’s melancholy theme into a chill and focused dance rhythm. Mustin is a musician and arranger based in Arkansas, known for his remixes and covers of […]

Anti Hero

Taylor Swift enters her Super Nintendo era in Button Masher and Dj Cutman’s take on “Anti-Hero“! The digital duo level up the hit’s bittersweet melodies and upbeat pop production with authentic Chiptune style. Button Masher is the project of jazz pianist and arranger Jake Silverman. In the latest of his […]

Costa Del Sol

Relax with sunny seaside-inspired lofi in “Costa Del Sol”! From Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Super Lofi 64 brothers capture warm bossa nova beachy vibes with peaceful piano and soothing saxophone.

Blinding Lights (Sega Genesis Mix)

With sensational SEGA style and flashy FM synthesis, Pete Frogs hops into the spotlight in “Blinding Lights”! Pete reignites The Weeknd’s synthpop hit with sparkling Genesis-era sounds and samples as part of his new album “GENESIS JAMS 2” Pete Frogs is a bassist and music producer from France with an […]