Super Lofi 64 creates an atmosphere of emotional melodies and subtle beats in “Zanarkand”. Featuring flowing keys and delicate details, the duo gives the Final Fantasy X theme a lofi twist.  


From the world of Dark Souls 2, Tune in with Chewie builds a sanctuary of lofi grooves and atmosphere in “Majula”. With melancholy ambiance, guitar, and basslines, “Majula” marks Chewie’s first single from his upcoming album Souls & Chill.

Deku Palace

In the next single from her album Hyrule Café, Coffee Date teams up with Helynt in “Deku Palace”! The duo blends organic textures, guitar, and violin in their chilled-out remix of the theme from Majora’s Mask.

Angel Island Zone

Sonic the Hedgehog receives a future funk flip in the second single from Sonic & Chill. Funk Fiction’s take on “Angel Island Zone” features big basslines and feel-good synth melodies — perfect for going fast or just chilling out.


16-bit basslines and beats bounce in Button Masher’s “Poinciana”. The second single from his upcoming album Super Standards, he interprets the jazz classic in the style of Donkey Kong Country.

Tarrey Town

Super Lofi 64 visits “Tarrey Town” in a laid-back lofi piano tribute to Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild. Building up from a gentle piano arrangement, the brothers Super Lofi 64 work in guitar, bass, and soft beats.

Hateno Village

Take in the sights and sounds of “Hateno Village”, remixed by Coffee Date and Curly! The duo recreates Breath of the Wild‘s sweet orchestral score, overlaid with downtempo beats.