K.K. Cruisin – Hyper Potions

We’re on a roll with Animal Crossing remixes, and this week we have a delightful remix of K.K. Cruisin’ from Hyper Potions! Best known for writing the theme song for Sonic Mania and opening credits for the Sonic Movie, the doggy duo Hyper Potions turns their tongues to Animal Crossing for this iconic remix of pupper musician K.K. Slider! ▸ Out now!

2 AM – Dj Cutman & GlitchxCity

Late night vibes from GlitchxCity and Dj Cutman. 2 AM is an acoustic lofi hip hop remix of Animal Crossing, blending acoustic guitar, atmospheric synths. intricate production and otherworldly piano. A blend of GlitchxCity’s west coast instrumentation and Dj Cutman’s east coast sensibilities, 2 AM has a sound that’s both unique and familiar.