Undertale Shop – Wish on the Beat

A cute two minute beat from indie phenom Undertale, featuring cello, synth, and drum machine. Wish on the Beat is producer and multi-instrumentalist Wishlyst. Using instruments like nylon string acoustic guitar, cello, and analog synths, Wish creates chill vibes in a lofi soundscape. Check out Wishlyst for her vocal pop songs.

Agni Kai – Sweetboikyle

Agni Kai from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is the story of Prince Zuko’s legendary trial by combat. This remix combines traditional Asian instruments with earth-rumbling production by Nashville native Sweetboikyle. A cover of the battle theme from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, Agni Kai channels the otaku spirit into hard-hitting instrumental hip hop. Agni Kai is from Kyle’s forthcoming album, CHILLBENDING

Sweden – Coffee Date

Coffee Date makes orchestral lofi, melding classical instrumentation with clean hip hop beats to create a sound all her own. Sweden is an iconic theme from Minecraft. ▸ Out now!

Korra – Sweetboikyle

Atmospheric and dramatic, Korra is a hip hop instrumental cover of the theme from “Legend of Korra”, which just came to Netflix. With Heavy bass and exotic instrumentation, Korra is the lead single from our forthcoming album, Chillbending