Sight of Spira

Kick back and relax to smooth guitar grooves from Rifti Beats’ upcoming album Chocobo & Chill… this is “Sight of Spira”, from Final Fantasy X! ?

Rifti Beats is a one-man jazz trio, creating this bop of a beat using only acoustic guitar, drums, and bass. Originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu for Final Fantasy X, “Sight of Spira” is a feel-good theme of a sun-soaked beach world, where it’s always summertime. Rifti has a Final Fantasy-inspired album coming out this January called Chocobo & Chill.

Simple & Clean

From a powerhouse team comes an electrified remix of Hikaru Utada’s iconic “Simple and Clean” from Kingdom Hearts! ?️

Duzzled, Dj Cutman, and QORA are familiar names at GameChops. Duzzled produces dubstep and electro EDM, and this summer released DYNAMAXED, a full-length Pokémon album. Dj Cutman is the founder and mix engineer for GameChops, and QORA is best known for her lofi beats as Coffee Date.

Aerith’s Theme

Soft, sweet vibes and gentle beats blossom on “Aerith’s Theme”, from Final Fantasy VII. Rifti Beats, best known for his work on Mega Ran’s Black Materia: The Remake, shares the first track from his upcoming album “Chocobo & Chill”

Rifti is a lofi and hip hop beatmaker who’s been flipping anime and videogame themes for years. “Aerith’s Theme” comes from the 1997 Square Enix classic, Final Fantasy VII, but is also featured prominently in last year’s Final Fantasy VII Remake. Dreamy synths and intricate beats perfectly carry the melancholy theme of the beloved Final Fantasy heroine.

Big Shot

Now’s your chance to [chill out]! Coffee Date dials down the intensity and deals out the lofi vibes in her take on BIG SHOT from Deltarune Chapter 2.

Outrun Island

Brand new from Helynt’s The Legend of Synthwave Deluxe comes “Outrun Island”! A synthy and electric guitar-infused take on the Wind Waker classic, and the perfect soundtrack for coasting along on a night drive. Outrun Island is a play on Outset Island from <