Hard-hitting grooves pair with lo-fi synths in “Pigstep” by Curly! A fan-favorite from Minecraft’s Nether Update, Curly makes the tune their own with crunchy beats, rowdy horns, and lots of flair.

Spider Dance

Super Lofi 64 spins Undertale’s “Spider Dance” into a lofi groove! In their latest, the duo treats you to a delicate piano arrangement and laid-back beats.

Super Superstition

Stevie Wonder’s funk classic “Superstition” levels up! In the latest collaboration between Button Masher and Dj Cutman, addictive guitar riffs and basslines meet Super Nintendo nostalgia.

Great Fairy Fountain

Super Lofi 64 returns in a soul-soothing rendition of Great Fairy Fountain. With drifting guitars and detailed percussion, the duo creates a dreamy atmosphere of healing lofi vibes.

Take on Me

Hopping back into action, Pete Frogs’ “TAKE ON ME” is a special SEGA spin on the a-ha hit! Pete blends the tune’s timeless melodies with spunky, crunchy synths true to the SEGA Genesis.


Pete Frogs is a bass player, composer, and multi-genre producer. With “Stay”, a cover of The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber, Pete turns the track on its head with a retro-synth rebuild, using heaps of FM synths and retro sounds from the 80s and 90s.


Blast off into the galaxies in “Luma” by Duzzled. Originally from Super Mario Galaxy, the heartwarming lullaby receives a colorful future riddim spin.