Thanks for supporting GameChops! These are the fine folks who are working hard behind the scenes for you!

Dj Cutman

Founder and Final Boss at GameChops

Dj Cutman, aka Chris Davidson is the founder of Gamechops, for over a decade he has worked tirelessly to bring VGM music to the masses and still finds time to compose his own tunes as well! You can find him on twitter @videogamedj and you can check out @GameChops as well!

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Manager and Mini-Boss at GameChops

Elly aka @Ellyrox is the manager and Chris’s right-hand man! Elly has been with GameChops for the last 8 years and going strong!

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Video and music production.

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Helynt, a Synthwave producer from Italy, creates emotive and nostalgic video game music Remixes Helynt used lo-fi beats inspired by the video game music of the 1980s and 1990s.

Evelyn Rose

Producer, writer and arranger.

Evelyn is creating magical vocal music as QORA and orchestral lofi beats as Coffee Date ✨ She’s also a writer and arranger, producing her own tracks and collaborating with others artists.

Super Lofi 64

Two brothers, a piano player and drummer, making music together

Canaan and Nathaniel are two brothers who grew up playing music together. After embarking on adventures in solo piano music as Super Piano 64, the duo joins GameChops to produce chill beats under the new moniker Super Lofi 64.

Ohad Nissim

Digital mastering engineer

Ohad is an analog and digital engineer, a golden chain, analog gear addict, pushed to the max ⚜️ you can check out his other work here.