Thanks for supporting GameChops! These are the fine folks who are working hard behind the scenes for you!

Dj Cutman

DJ and music producer ~ CEO and Final Boss at GameChops

Dj Cutman, aka Chris Davidson is the founder of Gamechops, for over a decade he has worked tirelessly to bring VGM music to the masses and still finds time to compose his own tunes as well! You can find him on twitter @videogamedj and you can check out @GameChops as well!

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Manager and Mini-Boss at GameChops

Elly aka @Ellyrox is the manager and Chris’s right-hand man! Elly has been with GameChops for the last 6 years and going strong!

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Video and music production.

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Helynt, a Synthwave producer from Italy, creates emotive and nostalgic video game music Remixes Helynt used lo-fi beats inspired by the video game music of the 1980s and 1990s.

Evelyn Rose | QORA

Content Creator and producer.

Evelyn is creating music & magic as QORA and @coffeedatelofi 🎻✨ storyteller, producer, composer, vocalist.