Genesis Jams

Dash, roll, and leap into high-energy excitement with GENESIS JAMS! Pete Frogs blends peppy SEGA Genesis flavors with nine classic and modern pop bops.

Mario & Chill 2

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Mario & Chill 2 is a laid-back lofi tribute to the world’s favorite gaming icon. With 11 tracks from the Super Mario series, Helynt crafts a nostalgic experience using vintage keys, mellow guitars, and beats.

Poké & Piano

A solo piano tribute to Pokémon from Super Piano 64 . Poké and Piano features eight gentle and relaxing renditions of favorites from the first five generations of Pokémon.
Part of Unplugged – acoustic and classical video game music.

Multiverse of Lofi

Lofi hero Helynt takes on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Multiverse of Lofi. Featuring seven tracks from Marvel’s Phase 4 films and series, it’s the perfect soundtrack for saving the world or chilling out.