Deltarune Vibes

Helynt, the producer of Super Lofi World and The Legend of Synthwave, brings us Deltarune Vibes, a seven track lofi-styled chill-out EP of favorites from Toby Fox’s DELTARUNE Chapter 2. Helynt demonstrates time and time again that he knows how to chill! 

“Deltarune Vibes” is Helynt’s sixth album with GameChops. The long-anticipated Deltarune: Chapter 2, from Undertale creator Toby Fox, released this fall on Mac, PC, and consoles. “Deltarune Vibes” features seven lofi remixes, including hotly anticipated remixes of Attack of the Killer Queen, Lost Girl, and A Cyber’s World.

Chilltendo 2

Chilltendo 2 is a lofi love letter to classic Nintendo video game music.

Jokabi proves that talent runs in the family — together with his brother Mikel, the producer of GameChops’ Billboard-charting Zelda & Chill series, they’ve created a legacy of chill beats that has forever changed the lofi hip hop game music music scene.

A successor to 2020’s Chilltendo, Jokabi returns with a new volume of nostalgic Nintendo music lofi beats. Chilltendo 2 features a selection of tracks from beloved games, including The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Super Mario, and more. There’s something for Nintendo fans of many generations, spanning retro titles to contemporary classics.

Samus & Chill

If Metroid’s soundtrack was lofi hip-hop

Samus & Chill is a tribute to the music of Metroid, Nintendo’s beloved sci-fi video game series. Producer Tune in with Chewie transforms the dark, atmospheric Metroid soundtrack into laid-back lofi hip hop, featuring soft piano chords, smooth vintage synths, and expressive guitar. Samus & Chill is a carefully crafted homage to the music of Metroid.


Duzzled drops his biggest release – DYNAMAXED, a Pokémon dance music concept album. The Amsterdam-based producer invites us on a journey through 25 years of the hit series’ game music, remixed in a menagerie of styles.

Dynamaxed is an electrifying adventure, exploring a vast array of genres and styles, and  Duzzled demonstrates his versatility as a producer in this ambitious 14 track anthology. With fiery electro-house beats, earth-shaking dubstep grooves, and flowing future bass melodies, DYNAMAXED is Pokemon music like you’ve never heard it before!

Plugged In

Joshua Morse is one of the pioneers of video game remixing, most active in the 2000s as part of OverClocked Remix, the community largely responsible for popularizing video game music as a casual listening genre.

Mikel Remasters on Vinyl!

The iconic albums the way they are meant to be heard.

We’re proud to announce pre-orders for two remastered classic GameChops Albums! Zelda & Chill Remaster and Poké & Chill Remaster are available for pre-order now on Bandcamp! The first and second albums in our ‘& Chill’ series get remastered for vinyl by the world-class Townsend Mastering and pressed onto collector-grade heavyweight vinyl, a perfect complement to any VGM enthusiast’s collections.

Finally own these coveted albums pressed by GameChops for the first time!

Nook & Chill

Nook & Chill< is a chill-out tribute to Animal Crossing by Curly, the producer and sound engineer best known for his laid-back remixes of Cave Story, Pokemon and Overwatch. Track 7 features one of our favorite producers @GlitchxCity , who joined the album to remix the iconic Bubblegum K.K. Theme. We’re huge Animal Crossing and Nintendo fans here at GameChops, and we’ve been hard at work on this album since New Horizons launched last year. @Lofi Girl Isabelle & Tom Nook artwork by Pen and Pink!

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Coffee Break

Lofi songstress Coffee Date is back with a new album! Coffee Break is full of chill video game vibes, perfect for sipping your favorite beverage to!