Legend of Synthwave is a video game concept album, re-imaging Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda soundtracks into cyberpunk remixes.

If Zelda was s feature film in the 80’s, this would have been it’s soundtrack.

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Helynt, best known for his previous synthwave album Mario & Chill and his latest work Super Lofi World, is a guitarist and composer from Italy who collaborated closely with Dj Cutman in Philadelphia to create the music for the Legend of Synthwave.

~ Legend of Synthwave ~
01 · Fairy Fountain (Legend of Zelda)
02 · Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time)
03 · Dark World (A Link to the Past)
04 · Prince Sidon (Breath of the Wild)
05 · Mipha’s Grace (Breath of the Wild)
06 · Song of Storms (Majora’s Mask)
07 · Bamboo Island (Skyward Sword)
08 · Hyrule Field (Breath of the Wild)
09 · Tarrey Town (Breath of the Wild)
10 · Legend of Zelda (Main Theme)

~ Credits ~
Produced by Helynt
Mastering & Video by Dj CUTMAN
Album artwork by Onsta
Video artwork by Visualdon
Executive Producer Chris Davidson 

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Legend of Synthwave is produced and published by GameChops.
All compositions licensed from Nintendo.