Dusty strings and bells weave together with shuffling beats in Snore Lax’s dreamy lofi spin on “Spiral Mountain” from Banjo Kazooie.

Snore Lax is the project of guitarist Matt Hope. A wistfully nostalgic take on the playful music of Banjo Kazooie, Snore Lax approaches “Spiral Mountain” with thick waves of hazy texture, a dash of guitar riffs, and lofi rhythms.

Originally composed by Grant Kirkhope, “Spiral Mountain” is a staple theme of the series and appears in every Banjo Kazooie title, as well as in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. “Spiral Mountain” will appear on Snore Lax’s upcoming album Study Buddy, releasing this Fall!

“Spiral Mountain” is out now on all online stores and streaming platforms! Support Snore Lax and GameChops by streaming, saving, and adding the track to your playlists.

– Credits – 
Produced by Snore Lax
Artwork by Jes Diamant
Mastered by Dj Cutman
Composed by Grant Kirkhope
Originally from Banjo-Kazooie