When will I get the record I backed?

We just wanted to let you all know what’s cooking in the GameChops vinyl department! Your support has been crucial in allowing us to continue to produce high-quality VGM vinyl!

From the time the campaign ends, it can take anywhere from 8-12 months (due to delays) to finalize the artwork, clear licensing, press the records (due to worldwide vinyl delays), and get them directly to you, or to your favorite record store (keep an eye out for some exclusive collabs in the coming months!). The process is fairly streamlined but delays happen!

To that end we want to be transparent with our community about where we are in these processes, currently, we have more pressings on the way and some special surprises!

Here’s the current lineup & where we are in the process:
Right now we’re still awaiting production for Chocobo & Chill, and Chilltendo Deluxe. We’ve been politely hounding our production partners for a new date and will keep that up until we get these records pressed.

We don’t have access to your personal order details, if you need to update your address or order you can email vinyl-support@bandcamp.com

(Updated 11/28/2022)

Legend of Synthwave Deluxe: 3rd (and Final!) round of test pressings approved!

The first 2 test pressings were received with an error from the plant. The error has been reported and is being corrected – currently awaiting a pressing date.

Pre-orders are still available at LITA!

Chocobo & Chill: In Production! Should be shipping by end of 2022; delays are possible due to COVID-19.

Pre-order from LITA.

Chilltendo Deluxe” is a 24-track lo-fi tribute to Nintendo music, and the first time Jokabi’s music has been available on vinyl.

Artwork complete and sent to plant. We are currently awaiting test pressings.

Reserve your copy at LITA

Stardew & Chill” is a 15-track lo-fi hip hop tribute to the music of indie videogame phenomenon Stardew Valley. Lofi beats to farm and make friends with.

Artwork complete and sent to plant. Currently awaiting test-pressings

Reserve your copy at LITA

Zelda & Chill III: Fully funded, awaiting test pressings. Pressing delays are possible due to COVID-19.

Samus & Chill: Shipping NOW; delays are possible due to COVID-19.

Pre-order at LITA!

What’s with the “& Chill” Remasters?

Founder and Final Boss Chris (Dj Cutman) made a post explaining the rationale behind the new editions of Zelda & Chill and Poke & Chill. You can read that post here! We’re very proud to share our vinyl offerings with you, and overwhelmed by the love and support from the community!




Poke & Chill Remaster: Concluded, sold out


Zelda & Chill Remaster: Currently sold out.
Additional copies will be available via LITA


Chillcraft: Sold out


Black Materia: The Remake: Currently sold out


Zelda & Chill 2: Currently Sold Out.
Additional copies will be available via LITA


My record or sleeve arrived damaged, what do I do?

Some backers have experienced receiving damaged jackets. If this has happened to you, you can send an email to vinyl-support@bandcamp.com and they will get a replacement jacket out to you.

To avoid this in the future we’ve requested that for all of our records, Bandcamp ships the vinyl outside of the jacket. We know many of you are collectors, so we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Hit up Bandcamp for a replacement jacket if you need one.

If you purchased a brand new GameChops record and it arrived with significant damage or is unplayable, you can return the record to us in Philadelphia for a replacement or refund. Please send us an email, if you have a record that arrived damaged, scratched or unplayable. If we do not have replacement copies available, we can offer a refund of purchase price via Paypal or Venmo.