Big Shot

Now’s your chance to [chill out]! Coffee Date dials down the intensity and deals out the lofi vibes in her take on BIG SHOT from Deltarune Chapter 2.

Outrun Island

Brand new from Helynt’s The Legend of Synthwave Deluxe comes “Outrun Island”! A synthy and electric guitar-infused take on the Wind Waker classic, and the perfect soundtrack for coasting along on a night drive. Outrun Island is a play on Outset Island from <

Zelda’s Medley

Featuring themes from across the Legend of Zelda series, Mikel returns to GameChops to celebrate 100 million streams on Zelda & Chill! Mikel is the creator of a multitude of lofi hip-hop concept albums. Met with viral success, “Zelda & Chill” hit the Billboard charts, and in 2020 the follow-up “Zelda & Chill 2” was released.