Hopes & Dreams

Hopes & Dreams is a remix album dedicated to Undertale by Arcien, a music producer from Denmark. Hopes & Dreams sets out to adapt the setting and story of Undertale in a musical form. From the future house intro, “Once Upon a Time,” to the 80’s synthwave “Thunder Snails,” to the dark, drum and bass boss battle “Your Best Nightmare,” Arcien hits all the major plot points of the Undertale story. Thoughtful transitions make the album a joy to listen to, front to back.

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Evo, one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the world, and has produced music for countless promotions and events with his band Super Square.

Headbangers is a 5 track Street Fighter remix EP, featuring tracks that have been in the works for the better part of this decade. Fans of A_Rival will recognize new, updated versions of the Street Fighter tracks he performs live. EDM and Game Music fans are in for a treat with some of finest production quality heard on this franchise.

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Holder – Undertale Remixed

Undertale Remixed is the first GameChops released by Holder, a producer who gained notoriety making comedy tracks under the name Major League Wobs. Looking to take his production to a higher level and break of the chains of his meme-addled past, Holder presents his first full-length album, a tribute to the hit indie game Undertale.

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Smooth McGroove Remixed

Smooth McGroove Remixed is a licensed video game remix album featuring songs from Legend of Zelda, Smash Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and more. Featuring the vocals of acapella king Smooth McGroove, ten producers from video game record label GameChops collaborated to bring his famous acapella versions of game tunes to the dance floor.

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VLAD II is a sequel to the the #1 Best-Selling Castlevania remix album by Joshua Morse, which hit #1 All-Genres on Bandcamp in October 2013. Two years later, Morse raises the bar with four high-impact EDM tracks, fusing chiptune and jazz with the dark soundscape of the classic Konami video game series, Castlevania. Tracks 3 and 4 feature guitarist Danimal Cannon, best known for his work with Metroid Metal and Armcannon.

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Doni – Button Masher

Some people grew up on pop music. Others, rock and roll. And then there were those of us who grew up on the bleeps and bloops of video games. Doni’s “Button Masher” is a celebration of the music that pushed an entire generation to fear the sunlight.

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RobKTA | Ridge Racer Forever

It’s time to hit up the gas and go for a musical adventure! RobKTA decides to pay homage to the game series that most inspired him to get into VGM remixing, Ridge Racer. If you’ve followed Rob’s career from the beginning, you’ll see how many Ridge Racer tracks he produced over the years.

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