Mario & Chill 2

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Mario & Chill 2 is a laid-back lofi tribute to the world’s favorite gaming icon. With 11 tracks from the Super Mario series, Helynt crafts a nostalgic experience using vintage keys, mellow guitars, and beats.

Poké & Piano

A solo piano tribute to Pokémon from Super Piano 64 . Poké and Piano features eight gentle and relaxing renditions of favorites from the first five generations of Pokémon.
Part of Unplugged – acoustic and classical video game music.

Multiverse of Lofi

Lofi hero Helynt takes on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Multiverse of Lofi. Featuring seven tracks from Marvel’s Phase 4 films and series, it’s the perfect soundtrack for saving the world or chilling out.

Chip Funk

Remix veteran Joshua Morse returns to GameChops with CHIP FUNK, a grooving tribute to some of the most timeless videogame tunes of the ’90s.

Joshua Morse is a composer and software engineer known for fusing chiptune and jazz music for remixes and original songs. Chip Funk reimagines seven nostalgic favorites from the SNES, Nintendo 64, Playstation, and Sega Genesis eras by blending 16-bit sounds with jazz rhythms and reharmonizations, lo-fi sound design, and plenty of funky basslines.