Lofi beatmaker RiftiBeats flips Drake’s most famous hits into chillhop bops! Rifti made waves in 2022 with his Final Fantasy tribute album Chocobo & Chill. But after the album dropped, he started suffering from burnout. It wasn’t until Drake released his latest album, Honestly Nevermind, that Rifti became inspired to produce again. 

Now, Rifti comes to us with Drake & Chill, a special tribute to singer and rapper Drake. Rifti flips ten of Drake’s hits, with live bass and detailed drums, in both instrumental and vocal tracks. K.K. Slider even joins for the final track! 

We’re stoked to welcome back streamer and illustrator Onsta for the cover artwork, which features the Drake meme from the Hotline Bling music video in her signature style, along with two other covers from Drake’s catalog. Onsta has worked with us on a number of covers featuring iconic video game characters for the covers Mario & Chill and Legend of Synthwave Deluxe. 

K.K. Slider’s cameo, “K.K. Slider from the Bottom” was produced by Overspace. Overspace has produced some of K.K.’s biggest covers, including Lil Nas X – Old Town Road, Travis Scott – Sicko Mode, and Joji – Gimme Love.

The vocal versions of these lofi flips aren’t just remixes. They are entirely new tracks and performances featuring mixing work by engineer Matt Weiss. Matt first worked with GameChops as a mixer on Mega Ran’s Black Materia: The Remake, a tribute to Final Fantasy VII. To hear the vocal versions, check out the album on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Here’s a statement from the Rifti on the album:
“Last summer, I began to experience burnout from making music, which happens every once in a while and usually just means I need to take a short break. Around that time, Drake released his album Honestly, Nevermind, and I found myself hooked on the track “Jimmy Cooks”. It instantly became one of my all-time favorite Drake tracks. The smooth and suave vibe of the song inspired me to attempt a lofi remix. Diverging from my usual remix projects – anime and game soundtracks – and working on such a distinctive track was a breath of fresh air. This change in pace reinvigorated me, and so I decided to do an entire album featuring my favorite Drake songs. I collaborated with my brother, Kyle James, who provided live bass for all the tracks and guitar on several, and also enlisted Bj Esporma for the vocals. Once the components were assembled, DJ Cutman lent his expertise to fine-tune the mix. The final product is something I’m very proud of and it has inspired me to undertake more projects in the future!”

Rifti Beats is a trap and lofi producer from Rochester, New York known for remixes of popular anime and video game music. Drake & Chill marks his first full-length album of popular music, a special presentation on GameChops. Drake & Chill features 10 hits from across Drake’s career — from his breakout single in 2009 “Best I Ever Had” to “Jimmy Cooks” from his latest album. 

Track listing

Hotline Bling
Marvin’s Room
Jimmy Cooks
Find Your Love
God’s Plan
The Motion
One Dance
Best I Ever Had
K.K. Slider From the Bottom

Drake & Chill is out now on all online stores and streaming platforms! Support Rifti Beats and GameChops by streaming, saving, and adding the tracks to your playlists.

Produced by Rifti Beats
Bass performed by Kyle James
Artwork illustration by Onsta
Mastered by Dj Cutman & Matt Weiss
Vocal engineering by Matt Weiss
Vocals performed by Bj Esporma
Vocals on “Jimmy Cooks” by Mr Tony Tig
Made famous by Drake

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