VLAD – Joshua Morse

VLAD is a 4-track EP, blending the sounds of EDM, Chiptunes, Jazz, and vampires to pay tribute to the Castlevania series. Castlevania was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80’s. The energetic themes contained in the original games have been referenced throughout the series for over 25 years. VLAD is an artistic reimagination that Castlevania fans will immediately recognize.

Tales of EDM – Dj Jo

Dj Jo first came onboard with GameChops in August 2012, contributing five tracks to The Triforce of Bass. Now, nearly a year later, he is back with a powerhouse new EP, Tales of EDM. It is a four track EP of heavy handed dubstep, drumstep and complextro based on the Tales of Symphonia game. The Symphonia score was originally composed by Motoi Sakuraba and Shinji Tamura, two composers who have inspired Dj Jo in many ways.

World 1-2

World 1-2 is an album that features renowned game composers alongside the remixers that pay them tribute. It features original music by grammy-nominated Austin Wintory (Journey), Manami Matsumae (MegaMan), and celebrated remixers Stemage and Danimal Cannon (Metroid Metal), among many more.

NESteryears – bLiNd

bLiNd joins the GameChops roster with NESteryears, ten video game remixes from the Nintendo Entertainment System; Final Fantasy, Mario Bros, Castlevania and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few. The album includes a VIP mix of his summer single “Ghosts N’ Pills”.

Kirby’s Bassface – Mykah

Kirby’s Bassface is a five track EP exploring music from the Kirby series in Mykah’s high energy, drum and bass style. Source material stems from the earlier games, themes from Kirby’s Dreamland for NES and Kirby’s Super Star for SNES make up the album. Originally composed by Jun Ishikawa for Nintendo, Mykah has made these tunes all his own.