Zelda’s Memories” is Helynt’s lofi hip hop tribute to The Legend of Zelda, featuring twelve beloved tracks from Nintendo’s videogame series.

“Zelda’s Memories” includes Nintendo 64-era Ocarina of Time, GameCube’s Twilight Princess, Wii’s motion-controlled Skyward Sword, and the Switch’s revolutionary Breath of the Wild – all reimagined as chilled-out beats to study, relax or save Hyrule to.

“Great Fairy” is the second single from Helynt’s “Zelda’s Memories”, in which he perfectly blends Nintendo nostalgia and smooth grooves.

Laying down spacey, ethereal vibes on chilled out beats, Helynt brings us “Great Fairy”, a dreamy take on the iconic theme from Legend of Zelda 🧚‍♀️

Helynt is a producer from Italy known best for his synthwave albums “Mario & Chill” and “The Legend of Synthwave”, as well as the Super Lofi World series. “Zelda’s Memories” is Helynt’s lofi hip-hop tribute to The Legend of Zelda.

Tracklist for “Zelda’s Memories”

Zelda’s Lullaby
Ballad of the Goddess
Saria’s Song (Lost Woods)
Great Fairy
Zora’s Domain
Gerudo Valley
Twilight Field
Minuet of Forest
Breath of The Wild
Sheik’s Theme
Lon Lon Ranch

Album Credits
Music by Helynt
Mastered by Dj Cutman
Artwork by Tomi & Chris

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