Dj Cutman and producer-composer NoteBlock share an optimistic future bass track reminiscing on Deltarune Chapter 2’s ending theme, “Until Next Time”.

DELTARUNE is the continuation of game creator Toby Fox’s cult-hit phenomenon UNDERTALE. While the end credits track – a more ominous variant of “Don’t Forget” – serves as a promise of a darker story to come, Canadian producer NoteBlock and Philadelphia-based Dj Cutman take a decidedly hopeful outlook with this fun track. “Until Next Time” is set to playful beats and clever interweaving of familiar melodies from both Deltarune and Undertale, it’s a feel-good bop you can listen to over and over again!

Album Credits
Produced by Dj Cutman and NoteBlock
Artwork by Blaner
Mastered by Chris Davidson

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