The Legend of Zelda’s soundtrack is recreated with chill synthesizers and mellow guitars in Helynt’s Legend of Chillwave. A spiritual successor to his Legend of Synthwave album, “Legend of Chillwave” features 10 new Zelda remixes mixing lo-fi and synthwave elements.

Helynt is a music producer and guitarist, known for his prolific lofi and synthwave remixes. Following his 2020 hit album “The Legend of Synthwave”, he returns with 10 more music remixes from the Legend of Zelda series. With an emphasis on dreamy atmospheres, steady grooves, and chilled-out vibes, Helynt transforms fan favorites from GameBoy, Nintendo 64, GameCube, DS, Wii, and Switch titles.

The tracklist highlights music from as early as Link’s Awakening through to the series’ latest installment, Tears of the Kingdom. Featured composers include Koji Kondo, Toru Minegishi, Yasuaki Iwata, Manaka Kataoka, Shiho Fujii, Kazumi Totaka, Kenta Nagata, and Kozue Ishikawa.
“The Legend of Chillwave” is out now on all online stores and streaming platforms! Support Helynt and GameChops by streaming, saving, and adding the tracks to your playlists.


Tears of The Synthwave
Milk Bar
Mabe Village
Spirit Tracks
Wind Fish
Grandma’s Theme
Prelude of Light
Do You Remember?

Produced by Helynt
Artwork by Onsta
Mastered by Ohad Nissim
Composed by Manaka Kataoka, Koji Kondo, Kenta Nagata, Shiho Fujii, Kazumi Totaka, Kozue Ishikawa, Toru Minegishi, and Yasuaki Iwata

Originally from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, Link’s Awakening, Spirit Tracks, Ocarina of Time, and Breath of the Wild

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