Pokémon Center – Tee Lopes

Tee Lopes is an award-winning composer best known for his work on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. Pokemon Center is one in a series of nostalgic video game remixes created by Tee for video game remix label GameChops. With the hype surrounding new Pokemon games this summer, Tee’s version of the healing melodies of the Pokemon Center are a welcome treat!

First Steps – The Icarus Kid

The Icarus Kid, known for his housey grooves and chiptune synths, returns to GameChops for “First Steps” from Celeste, composed by Lena Raine. It’s an extended, laid-back dance track. The Icarus Kid lays down a progressive arrangement for the catchy melody to jump, dash, and climb to emotional heights. Always in-pocket, The Icarus Kid demonstrates how classic video game square waves can sound brand new in the right mix.

Littleroot – Koreskape

Koreskape is a chill trap producer with an affinity for gaming. His track “Littleroot” remixes the Littleroot Town theme from the Hoenn region, first heard in Pokémon Ruby and Pokmémon Sapphire! Littleroot is a certified bop!

Tifa’s Theme

Evelyn Rose Villecco is a composer and songwriter with a love for video games and their music. Tifa’s Theme is an acoustic lo-fi remix of hit game Final Fantasy VII. Grab some coffee and cozy up with these magical Final Fantasy vibes!

Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin’ is so good, like the whole package. the songs, the music, the story, all top tier imo. FNF entered my life as a rare gem of joy, totally unexpected and totally slappin’ I listened to the OST non-stop for a week, then I made this remix.

The Newgrounds team lives not too far from where I live in Philadelphia, even went out and visit their offices one time. Super great group of people. Back in high school I was making Flash animations and uploading it to Newgrounds. I’m Sound-O-Vision on there, if u want to blam me or w/e.

Gerudo Valley – Tee Lopes

Tee Lopes is back with Gerudo Valley! A little Spanish flavor, acoustic guitar, piano, and soaring trumpet over a classic melody from The Legend of Zelda. Tee Lopes is best known for his soundtrack work for Sonic the Hedgehog and League of Legends. Gerudo Valley is his first song in a series of video game remixes with GameChops.