Coasting along with waves of guitar, piano, and mellow lofi beats, Snore Lax cruises in with a low-key chillhop reimagining of “Sandy Beach” from Wave Race 64!

Snore Lax is Philadelphia-based guitarist and arranger Matt Hope. Trading in Wave Race 64‘s sporty energy for a smooth and laid-back tone, Snore Lax’s lofi take on “Sandy Beach” evokes images of serene shores and moonlit waves. Also known as “Sunny Beach”, the tune originates from the Nintendo 64’s installment of the Wave Race series, and was composed by composer Kazumi Totaka (known for his works on the Animal Crossing series and Wii themes). “Sandy Beach” will appear on Snore Lax’s second album, Snorlax Study Buddy, releasing this fall!

“Sandy Beach” is out now on all online stores and streaming platforms! Support Snore Lax and GameChops by streaming, saving, and adding the track to your playlists.

– Credits – 
Produced by Snore Lax
Artwork by Mayu Yumemi
Mastered by Dj Cutman
Composed by Kazumi Totaka
Originally from Wave Race 64