The Deku Trio

The Deku Trio is a small outfit jazz band that covers video game repertoire. The Deku Trio elevates video game music with polished, relaxing covers of the finest motifs from the world of video games. The Deku Trio’s debut album, “Zelda & Jazz”, will release on June 14th The Deku […]

Genesis Jams 2

Leap back into the 16-bit era in GENESIS JAMS 2! Pete Frogs compiles a mix of 13 hard-hitting video game themes, catchy chart-toppers, and pop culture favorites — all with high-energy SEGA Genesis style.

Rosalina in the Observatory

Explore a galaxy of nostalgia and emotion with “Rosalina in the Observatory”! Coffee Date pays tribute to the Super Mario Galaxy theme with twinkling piano and shimmering strings in a whimsical lofi waltz.

Memories of Green

The timeless music of Chrono Trigger crosses over into deep house in “Memories of Green.” Remixed by VGM icon Mustin, this track adapts Yasunori Mitsuda’s melancholy theme into a chill and focused dance rhythm. Mustin is a musician and arranger based in Arkansas, known for his remixes and covers of […]

Anti Hero

Taylor Swift enters her Super Nintendo era in Button Masher and Dj Cutman’s take on “Anti-Hero“! The digital duo level up the hit’s bittersweet melodies and upbeat pop production with authentic Chiptune style. Button Masher is the project of jazz pianist and arranger Jake Silverman. In the latest of his […]

Jedi Vibes

Kick back and experience the legendary universe of Star Wars in Jedi Vibes, a chilled-out 9-track tribute to the cinematic sci-fi icon. Lofi master Helynt wields nostalgia, guitar, and meditative beats on a journey through a galaxy of laid-back vibes.

Costa Del Sol

Relax with sunny seaside-inspired lofi in “Costa Del Sol”! From Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Super Lofi 64 brothers capture warm bossa nova beachy vibes with peaceful piano and soothing saxophone.