Spirit Tracks

In the next single from her album Hyrule Café, Coffee Date teams up with Helynt in “Deku Palace”! The duo blends organic textures, guitar, and violin in their chilled-out remix of the theme from Majora’s Mask.

Mii Channel

Kicking off the new year, Dj Cutman and Coffee Date throw back to the ‘00s with “Mii Channel”! The duo blends the Wii theme’s iconic electric piano and strings with booming bass and chilled beats


Final Fantasy glides onto the dance floor in “Prelude”! The Icarus Kid pairs Nobuo Uematsu’s iconic arpeggios with chirping chiptune synths and uplifting house rhythms.

File Select

Kick back and relax with Funk Fiction’s funky tropical flip of “File Select” from Sonic 3! With easygoing grooves and smooth synths, Funk Fiction channels ocean breezes and island vibes.


Super Lofi 64 creates an atmosphere of emotional melodies and subtle beats in “Zanarkand”. Featuring flowing keys and delicate details, the duo gives the Final Fantasy X theme a lofi twist.  


From the world of Dark Souls 2, Tune in with Chewie builds a sanctuary of lofi grooves and atmosphere in “Majula”. With melancholy ambiance, guitar, and basslines, “Majula” marks Chewie’s first single from his upcoming album Souls & Chill.