Twinleaf Town

We’ve got a new Pokemon remix from Duzzled, featuring guitar and production by Helynt! Our next stop is Diamond and Pearl’s “Twinleaf Town,” a future bass bop with playful vibes and fresh electric guitar leads.

“Twinleaf Town” is the second single from Duzzled’s first full-length album, DYNAMAXED. The album is out August 20th, and each friday before release we’re dropping a new single! Twinleaf Town comes from the original Diamond and Pearl installments of the Pokemon series.

Littleroot Town

Duzzled takes us on a Pokemon adventure! Our journey begins with “Littleroot Town”, an energizing electro-house remix of the classic Pokemon tune.

Duzzled’s take on this beloved theme is decidedly different from the 2002 original. Coming from the Pokemon series’ third generation, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, the soft and cheerful starting town’s theme gets a massive reimagining. Featuring pumping beats, electrifying leads, and huge bass house drops, “Littleroot Town” is only the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

Cosmo Canyon

Coffee Date returns to the world of Final Fantasy VII with her new remix of Cosmo Canyon! Carried by piano and live violin, it’s a laid-back take on this catchy theme.

Composed by Nobuo Oematsu, “Cosmo Canyon” comes from the hit 1997 RPG, Final Fantasy VII. Coffee Date is the project of producer and composer Evelyn Rose, who writes: “There’s a lot of fun details in Cosmo Canyon. I recorded all of the violin lines, and there’s even a real kalimba and vocals layered in there, too!”

Gaur Plains

Take a visit to Guar Plains from Xenoblade Chronicles, remixed by Tee Lopes. Smooth jazz reharmonizations over chilled beats, Tee’s remix is perfect for winding down after a long day of adventuring.

Ocean Waves

Dj Cutman breathes new life into producer-vocalist QORA’s new single “Ocean Waves”. Cutman’s meticulous production coupled with QORA’s intimate songwriting and vocals makes for a dream-team effort on this emotional lofi pop track.

Tarrey Town

Coffee Date sets out into the world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with her new lofi remix of the Tarrey Town theme. Carefully crafted from layers of piano, flute, and ukulele, she builds a cozy atmosphere that feels just like home.

Dating Start – Sprightly

It’s our boy Sprightly, and he’s here to win hearts with a synthy and playful remix of “Dating Start!” from Undertale! It’s a BONEified bop! Blending tropical house and future funk vibes, Sprightly paints a picture of a perfect summer day, and a date you’ll never forget!

DK Island Swing – Tee Lopes

Tee Lopes, best known for his video game soundtrack work on games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Streets of Rage, the composer/producer returns to his roots for a remix of the 90’s classic “DK Island Swing” from the game Donkey Kong Country. Rich instrumentation and arrangement is what Tee is known for, and he pulls out all the stops for this remix of David Wise’s classic Nintendo tune.