Sea Shanty 3

JJD sets sail with an infectious happy hardcore remix of Sea Shanty 2 from old school Runescape! ⛵ From one of the most beloved and nostalgic MMORPGs, RuneScape, JJD remixes Ian Taylor’s llively Sea Shanty 2 melody as a high-tempo EDM anthem. 

Green Hills

Slow down and chill out to this new collab from Helynt and Koreskape: a spin on the classic Sonic the Hedgehog tune, Green Hill Zone. This is “Green Hills” 🦔

Kirby’s Dreamland

A warm welcome to Snore Lax, a guitarist and drummer duo who creates fun vibed out covers of video game songs for us to enjoy! This is their first release, Kirby’s Dreamland, in celebration of the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

Girl Next Door

It’s our boy Sprightly, with a new feel-good Deltarune tune! Channeling sunshine and good vibes, “Girl Next Door” is a bright and upbeat bop to welcome in the spring season. 

Lofi de Chocobo

It’s a new beat to relax and raise Chocobos to! “Lofi de Chocobo” by prolific composer/producer Tee Lopes is a dreamy spin on the recurrent, and fan-favorite, theme from the Final Fantasy series. 🐤

Full Steam Ahead

Get the hype train rolling with this melodic house remix Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks featuring acclaimed saxophonist Carlos “Insane in the Rain” Eiene.

Produced by Curly and mastered by Dj Cutman, “Full Steam Ahead” is a stylish house mix that takes the memorable melody of the DS-era Zelda game to the dance-floor!