Trapped in a Pokéball

Trapped in a Pokéball, the collaboration between Dj CUTMAN and his former student Belthesar, is a remix of the 1989 Nintendo title Pokémon Trading Card Game. The game was originally released for Gameboy Color and is out now on the 3DS Virtual Console. This track combines chiptune leads with powerful hip-hop drums and then evolves into an epic drum and bass powerhouse.

Hunter – Mega Flare

Hunter is the second GameChops release from chiptune musician Mega Flare, this time he turns his focus to the dark melodies of Castlevania. Mega Flare uses a Nintendo Gameboy with the homebrew software LSDj to make music. This time, he collaborated with Dj CUTMAN to record each channel of the Gameboy’s sound-chip separately to mix them using Ableton Live. The result are two larger-than-life chiptune tracks with driving basslines and crisp clean leads. You can hear the influence of Baltimore’s clubs in Mega Flare’s drum patterns and arrangement.

Shovel Knight: Strike The Earth Remix!

Dj CUTMAN here, and I love Shovel Knight! This track just dropped on the GameChops youtube channel. It’s a futuristic trap and drum and bass track that Kevin Villecco and I made out of the Shovel Knight OST. This track started at TooManyGames in the convention hotel room as a simple beat. As I played Shovel Knight, I got more and more amped for this remix, and it grew to epic proportions!” ▸ Out Now!