Hunter is the second GameChops release from chiptune musician Mega Flare, this time he turns his focus to the dark melodies of Castlevania. Mega Flare uses a Nintendo Gameboy with the homebrew software LSDj to make music. This time, he collaborated with Dj CUTMAN to record each channel of the Gameboy’s sound-chip separately to mix them using Ableton Live. The result are two larger-than-life chiptune tracks with driving basslines and crisp clean leads. You can hear the influence of Baltimore’s clubs in Mega Flare’s drum patterns and arrangement.

Hunter is now available and also includes two tracks, a remix of Castlevania: Simon’s Quest and Castlevania Legends.

1. Hunter 03:19
2. Blood Demon 05:20

Album Credits
Chiptune programmed by Mega Flare
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dj CUTMAN
Artwork by Yashera Lynn Ames

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