It’s a Super Smash Bros mega mix by Dj CUTMAN! This track features ten remixes from the Smash Bros Melee soundtrack, all in a fun BREAKS style! Tracks include Yoshi’s Island, Corneria (Starfox), Green Greens (Kirby), Hyrule Temple (Zelda), Pokémon Stadium, Kong Jungle (Donkey Kong) Rainbow Cruise (Mario 64), Balloon Fight, Fire Emblem and the main menu theme. Enjoy

1. Menu
2. Yoshi’s Island
3. Kongo Jungle
4. Pokémon Stadium
5. Fire Emblem
6. Hyrule Temple
7. Balloon Fight
8. Rainbow Cruise
9. Green Greens
10. Corneria

Album Credits
Produced and mixed by Dj CUTMAN

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