Tubo Mode is available now!

TURBO MODE is here! It’s a collection of high faster songs. Some highlights are a new drum and bass remix of the Smash Bros theme, a restored chiptune banger with Kubbi, a wild old b-side called “Johnny the Bot” and a remastered version of my classic Shovel Knight remix, Strike The Earth!

It’s a collection of my favorite up-beat remixes over the past few years. I hope you enjoy TURBO MODE!!

In December 2017, DJ CUTMAN completed his podcast “This Week in Chiptune” with the 200th episode. In the months that followed, he returned to his roots. Having reacquired some of his favorite video game soundtracks that he had lost, he began making new chops of game music.


Smash Bros (feat. Electrik Dave)
Dolph’s Aerobics 2020 (feat. Rymdkraft)
Dolphins in Space (feat. Kubbi)
Little Something (feat. Shady Monk)
Johnny the Bot
Pico Remix (Friday Night Funkin’) (Remix) (Remix)
He walk (Accumula Town)
Quick Chip Jam
Strike the Earth (Shovel Knight Remix) (Shovel Knight Remix)

Album Credits
Directed & Mastered by Dj CUTMAN
Artwork by JetPackBraggin

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