The Deku Trio

The Deku Trio is a small outfit jazz band that covers video game repertoire. The Deku Trio elevates video game music with polished, relaxing covers of the finest motifs from the world of video games. The Deku Trio’s debut album, “Zelda & Jazz”, will release on June 14th The Deku […]



Retro and EDM sounds

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Duzzled is a 21 year old musician from The Netherlands who’s inspired by retro video games. With his unique style he likes to make EDM remixes of video game tunes (with support from Dj Cutman, GlitchxCity & Gamechops) and often makes originals. Mostly keeping at genres like Dubstep and House with some Chiptune flavor to it (example Distorted Persona). it really sometimes comes as a surprise whats he gonna make next.