Fi’s Farewell – Coffee Date

Coffee Date is the project of producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Evelyn Villecco. Using cozy lofi hip-hop beats and heartwarming orchestral vibes, Coffee Date breathes new life into your favorite videogame soundtracks. We’ve got Fi’s Farewell.

Undertale Shop

A cute two minute beat from indie phenom Undertale, featuring cello, synth, and drum machine. Wish on the Beat is producer and multi-instrumentalist Wishlyst. Using instruments like nylon string acoustic guitar, cello, and analog synths, Wish creates chill vibes in a lofi soundscape. Check out Wishlyst for her vocal pop songs.

Unwavering Heart

Coffee Date makes orchestral lofi, melding classical instrumentation with clean hip hop beats to create a sound all her own. An Unwavering Heart, also known as Emotion, is a recurring theme from Pokemon!

Agni Kai – Sweetboikyle

Agni Kai from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is the story of Prince Zuko’s legendary trial by combat. This remix combines traditional Asian instruments with earth-rumbling production by Nashville native Sweetboikyle. A cover of the battle theme from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, Agni Kai channels the otaku spirit into hard-hitting instrumental hip hop. Agni Kai is from Kyle’s forthcoming album, CHILLBENDING

Zora’s Domain – Chjolo

Zora’s Domain is a cover from the video game series The Legend of Zelda, produced by guitarist and composer Chris Logsdon. Chris (aka Chjolo) creates an expansive atmosphere with lush instrumentation and tight performances.