Girl Next Door

It’s our boy Sprightly, with a new feel-good Deltarune tune! Channeling sunshine and good vibes, “Girl Next Door” is a bright and upbeat bop to welcome in the spring season. 

Lofi de Chocobo

It’s a new beat to relax and raise Chocobos to! “Lofi de Chocobo” by prolific composer/producer Tee Lopes is a dreamy spin on the recurrent, and fan-favorite, theme from the Final Fantasy series. 🐤

Full Steam Ahead

Get the hype train rolling with this melodic house remix Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks featuring acclaimed saxophonist Carlos “Insane in the Rain” Eiene.

Produced by Curly and mastered by Dj Cutman, “Full Steam Ahead” is a stylish house mix that takes the memorable melody of the DS-era Zelda game to the dance-floor!

Sight of Spira

Kick back and relax to smooth guitar grooves from Rifti Beats’ upcoming album Chocobo & Chill… this is “Sight of Spira”, from Final Fantasy X! ?

Rifti Beats is a one-man jazz trio, creating this bop of a beat using only acoustic guitar, drums, and bass. Originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu for Final Fantasy X, “Sight of Spira” is a feel-good theme of a sun-soaked beach world, where it’s always summertime. Rifti has a Final Fantasy-inspired album coming out this January called Chocobo & Chill.