“Dedede’s Theme” from Kirby is the first track from the forthcoming album Smash & Chill, produced by Tudd with guitars by General Offensive. A theme sourced from Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai’s other classic franchise, Kirby, “Dedede’s Theme” grooves along with warm synths and basslines with a jazzy edge.

Tudd and General Offensive are musicians and producers from Romania. Since meeting online through a Sonic the Hedgehog fan community when they were young, the duo has collaborated on music and released many singles. Smash & Chill, a multi-genre tribute to the music of Super Smash Bros, marks their first full-length album. A fan-favorite on the Smash Bros soundtrack, “Dedede’s Theme” appeared originally in the earliest entry in the Kirby series, Kirby’s Dreamland for GameBoy, and in nearly every installment up to the latest Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Produced by Tudd and General Offensive
Mastered by Stemage
Artwork by Sean Thurlow
Composed by Jun Ishikawa

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